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Alton J. Patton, III

Presents The Fertile River

Photos from The Other Space & ACME Theatre Courtesy of Ron Faber

                            The Fertile River

Audience Reaction
William Warren
Vincent Terrell Durham & Nancy Davis
William Warren & Telma Hopkins
Julie Granata
Sola Bamis & Julie Granata
Telma Hopkins & Samuel Caruana
The Fertile River
The Cast
Candace, Baadja & William
Candace, Baadja, Nikki
Baadja Lynn & William Warren
Baadja & Candace
Baadja-Lynn,Nikki McCauley
Van & Candace
Baylor University Crew
Baylor University
Producer, Director, Playwright, Cast
All smiles
Baadja, Van, Faith & William
Van & Alton
Nikki McCauley & Baadja-Lynn
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