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        Vincent Terrell Durham is an award-winning playwright based in Los

        Angeles, CA. His plays include POLAR BEARS, BLACK BOYS & PRAIRIE

        FRINGED ORCHIDS (2020 Semi-finalist, O’Neill), THE FERTILE RIVER, TRASH                    DAY, NOW, and the short play collection VOL. 1—A POST-RACIAL AMERICA.

        His monologue “A Park For Children To Pretend In” has been published in

        08:46 Fresh Perspectives, A Collection of Monologues by Black Playwrights.

        His other published works are TWELVE (TRW) and MASKING OUR

        BLACKNESS (Winner, 2020 Samuel French Short Play Festival - Concord                        Theatricals). He has received commissions from PlayGround San                                  Francisco/Planet Earth Arts and City Lights Theater. Vincent is a proud

        gay man of color and hopes his work will contribute to the legacy of

        Black theater-makers and honor his family of vibrant storytellers.





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